Monday 29 October 2018

EXCLUSIVE : One-Way Song - Billy Fisher Fitzgerald

Billy Fisher Fitzgerald is the lead track from One Way Song's forthcoming EP Passionate Leave which we're delighted to be asked to preview. We described their last release as "a potent mix of theatre and music" as the band's origins are in a theatre group and they've brought some of that into their musical project. This song features guest vocals from Jay Stansfield of All Hail Hyena.

Luke told us about the track : "Billy Fisher Fitzgerald was the first track we wrote for the EP. In our previous incarnation as a theatre group, our debut production was Billy Liar, so it was fitting to begin One-Way Song on a similar note. This song was inspired by an old Viennese joke that to have a flourishing society, both the police and the thieves must keep improving at what they did. The character in this song thinks Britain would likewise flourish if the working and upper classes related to each other in such a fashion, and tries to be a one-man embodiment of that notion. The end section of the song was completely improvised at Hilltown Studios, and ended up being one of our favourite parts of the entire EP".

The five track EP Passionate Leave is released on November 27th.

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