Monday 8 September 2014

Introducing - Lazuli

Lazuli is a female artist from Sheffield about whom we know very little, but we've been bewitched by her song Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful?

She's teamed up with the award-winning Steelworks Academy in Sheffield and is looking for gigs outside her hometown.  So far we've only been treated to the one song, but we think you'll agree it's something a little bit special.

Lazuli's website can be found here and she is also on Facebook and Twitter.

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1 comment:

  1. Couldnt agree more and her original singer/songwriter materials to come are breathtaking so keep your ears peeled and eyes on her facebook page which is here and soundcloud account Big things to come for Miss Lazuli of that i have no doubt she tends to play alot of live gigs very hard working and better every show so if you'd like to hear more of her music and get a feel for what she is about i suggest you get to her gigs