Sunday 21 September 2014

Rachel Hillary - Comfort Me With Apples EP

Comfort Me With Apples is Rachel Hillary's second EP this year, the follow-up to The Singing Of Birds and already a huge step-up.  Tinged with a hint of sadness and a lilting Belfast twang, her voice entices the listener in and melts their heart with simple, yet beautifully poignant takes on Celtic folk.

We're delighted to announce we're revealing a song a day from Thursday through Sunday ahead of the EP's release on Monday.

The EP is self-released on Drunken Mermaid Records and was recorded at Manchester’s SSR with producer Liam McShane.

The final track on the EP is Sunflower Shoes,  a song “based on old country songs
written on hillsides, where aliens might land after a few jars of cider. Inspired by nature,
flowers and memories which we cannot be sure are ours or plucked from a film or a past life.
A song of hope for love and for the heart and rekindling your childlike sense of playfulness.”

EP opener Sweetheart is described by Rachel as “A sweet song about the bittersweet nature of romance, an homage to the quirks and traits within those we adore, which we can see as irksome or endearing.  Inspired vocally and somewhat lyrically by Joni Mitchell's 'California' I wanted to write a folky love song which could be comical and uplifting and sound like it was sung in a bar in New York in the 1970s all at the same time.” 

Second track Lady Day is inspired by Pride and Prejudice's Elizabeth Bennet and her love of walking. Rachel explains “The ups and downs surrounding matters of the heart and delving into the pleasure found in the darkness of every kind of romantic relationship.  The sadness followed by the joy.”

Third track Honey was written for Rachel’s mother, “inspired by her strength and beauty. This song is about the lineage of female ancestors within a family and their past struggles and triumphs imprinted in a daughter's DNA. A song honouring the love and admiration between women in a family tree.”

The EP is out on Monday September 22nd on CD and download and will be available from Rachel's Bandcamp page as well as her previous releases.

She plays the following shows to support the EP launch as part of the Salford Music Festival :

Thursday 25th - Playfoots, Monton at 8pm, free entry

Saturday 27th - The Dockyard, Media City at 7pm, free entry

Rachel's website can be found here.   She is also on Facebook and Twitter.

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