Tuesday 2 September 2014

The Minx - Interview

The Minx reissue their debut single No Friends this week.  We spoke to front man Chris Haddon about the last eighteen months in the band's rise and their plans for the future.

It's been nearly eighteen months since we last spoke.  What's happened in the Minx world since then?

We’ve been plodding along getting things in place ready for the new release (out now). The start of the year is always quiet on the gig front for us, however getting things planned, getting in the studio, getting shows penned in, we’re always busy doing something. 

You were picked by Dr Martens to front a campaign with (Can You Find) My Head.  How did that all come about?

We met them in the pub.. As simple as that. We popped into the Kings Arms for a pint after rehearsal one evening early last year and all the Dr Martens gang were in there having a beer as they’d just finished shooting a Islington Mill for their previous campaign. They liked the look of us, bought us a beer and invited us down to the wrap party. Things just went on from there…

Have you met any of your musical heroes as a result of the success you've had since we last spoke?

We’ve bumped into Johnny Marr a good few times in the studio now and he really digs our stuff, we also got to have a beer with Mike Skinner when he requested to meet us for an interview for a project he’s doing. They’re both big influences on us. 

What made you decide to reissue No Friends?

No Friends has always been one of our strongest tunes and a fan favourite since day one. It was the first tune we released ourselves, but we had no help or backing when doing so, so we don’t think it ever reached it’s full potential. We managed to get the track to Cenzo Townsend, he’s produced the likes of U2,  The Vaccines, Primal Scream, Franz Ferdinand and loads more of influential bands. He really liked the track so we got him to give it a lick of paint, combined with a fresh video we’ve done and vinyl pressings this time round, we’re ready for a fresh release!

You've got to the point in Manchester where you can sell out the Deaf Institute and Ruby Lounge. What's next in Manchester?
Onwards and upwards I guess? We’ve not really planned what’s to follow yet.. We’ve gradually been building up the headline shows, each one bigger than the last. It’s pretty scary taking the plunge, moving up the venues but you’ve gotta get the bottle and just go for it. Etihad?
The Ruby Lounge show was filmed.  Are there plans to release a DVD of it?

We’ll definitely be doing something with it! We’ve checked out all the footage and it looks fucking ace. The gig was also recorded from the desk and sounds top so we have everything we need to put something special together. Whatever it is, it’ll be a DIY effort and we’ll make sure it’s something special. Maybe a Christmas stocking filler DVD release?

How have your gigs gone down outside of Manchester?  We heard good reports from the Brixton Windmill gig

The out of town shows have been going down great, we just need to keep spreading the word. Brixton was ace, a packed out show with everyone singing, jumping and being lunatics. We were really chuffed. 

What are your plans after No Friends?  You've now got 12 songs in your set, does this mean a Minx album is imminent?

To be honest, we’ve not even started thinking about an album yet. Everything The Minx have done to date has been independent and by ourselves. We’ve no label or manager. An album sounds quite daunting! However if we can get the right help, hopefully! If we sell some copies of No Friends maybe we’ll be able to afford to do an album! (buy it now on vinyl from our online store or download it from iTunes thank you)

The Minx's official site can be found here and they are on FacebookTwitter and Soundcloud.

No Friends is out now backed with an exclusive track Jesus And Mary Chain on 7" (with download card) from their shop and download.

They headline the second stage at Ramsbottom Festival on Friday 19th September and Hebden Bridge Trades Club the following night.

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