Friday 19 February 2016

Bluebird Kid Clark - Interview

Bluebird Kid Clark recently released a single Not The One via Scruff Of The Neck Records. Ahead of a mini-tour to support that release we spoke with Dave Fidler from the band to find out why they reformed after a several year absence and to find out what to expect from the shows.

First of all, can you introduce the current line-up of Bluebird Kid Clark?

Haha. This is BBKC mklV. Me, my two brothers and a musical mastermind called Adrian Gautrey. Our barge dwelling bassist was unable to make this mini tour.

It's been over four years since Live At The Weirworks so why come back now?

We were approached by an independent Manchester label called Scruff of the Neck Records to play their stage at a festival. After the show we got chatting to Mark who heads up the label and decided to put out a single with them - mainly because we love the way they do things.

The single is called Not The One and is out now. Can you tell us a little about the song?

It's a song we've had kicking around for a little while and thought it would suit a Scruff of the Neck release. We recorded it above a pub in Chorlton with a brilliant guy called Chris Warr. We love it but not sure if it's the one (boom boom).

What plans are there for Bluebird going forward. Have you written and recorded any more songs and are you planning more gigs?

We recorded quite a few songs with Scruff of the Neck but have just released Not The One for now. So there's potential for another release, watch this space.

You're playing the Night And Day on Friday. Why should people come down and watch you?

We're playing a bunch of new songs with a one off line-up. Adrian is a writer too and he's brought a completely different feel to the sound which we love. And of course Howard Rose and the Little Mammoths are both brilliant, if you don't come to the gig you should take a good long look in the mirror and question everything.

Bluebird Kid Clark launch the single with a series of live dates at Manchester Night And Day tonight (19th) and The Strathmore in Glasgow on Saturday (20th).

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