Friday 5 April 2019

TRACK BY TRACK : Dave Fidler - Songs From Aurora

As he releases his second album Songs From Aurora to the world, Dave Fidler talked us through the album's twelve tracks, the stories behind them and the experiences that inspired him as an accompaniment to the record you can hear in full below and on his Bandcamp page.

On The Line is about a woman I met on tour who was homeless as a child. She was given a one-way ticket to LA in her late teens and whilst there she had a spiritual experience and found faith. In ’87 she was trapped under a house in the LA earthquake but survived. She moved back to the UK and married a man who now makes his own beautiful custom hand wired guitar amplifiers. The electric guitars you hear on this album are played through his amps.

Eternal Road is a song for my mum. It starts with a reference to my youngest sister and my father. I’m one of seven kids and we’re all dark haired apart from Rachel who has blonde hair and blue eyes. It’s about my mum’s journey.

Heart of Stone is about a woman named Maria that I met in a prison in Haiti whilst playing a gig for the inmates. She’d been held in prison for 5 years before finally standing in front of a judge and having a trial. She was innocent - I met her on her last day in prison.

Skylark is about life’s ups and downs – singing when things are going great or falling to pieces. The feeling of the song is that you’ve turned a corner and things are looking up. I thought ‘the skylark only calls when it’s climbing’ was great imagery.

The Water is a theme that runs through the whole album. There are references to water and home in lots of the songs. I think water represents change and a new season. This song represents coming out of writers block.

Another Word For Home is about life as a touring musician. When I’ve been away for a while it’s not home that I miss but people. So this song is about a person being home.

Let Her Go is a song that my brother Andy wrote. I love the words – it’s someone trying to do what’s right despite repeatedly getting it wrong.

Sum of Days is about not being distracted by drama in life. Rather than panicking and doing things at a million miles an hour it’s about seeing the positives in situations and living for the moment.

Will I Ever Learn? Is about taking your own advice. Having the best intentions but not following through. I wrote this song faster than I’ve ever written a song before in around ten minutes so it must have wanted to be heard.

For You was written around someone who is running away. It talks about life passing by at high speed if you don’t stop to look around.

The Breeze is about the times when you think what could’ve been – missed opportunities and things like that. But this is about believing that you’re in the right place at the right time and opportunities come to find you. It’s about how when you hold things lightly life has a mysterious way of giving those things back to you.

Home is about the passing of my father. It’s around the subject of home - what, who and where that is.

Songs From Aurora is launched on April 5 with a show at the Eagle Inn in Salford. Tickets are available here. He also plays St Ives Rum And Crab Shack (6), Liverpool The Handyman (12), London Betsey Trotwood (13), Bath Wine Vaults (19) and Cricklade Old Stables (May 16).

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Dave Fidler's website can be found here where you can preorder the album on vinyl and CD.  He is also on Twitter and Facebook.

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