Monday 3 September 2018

Average Sex - Melodie EP

Melodie is the second EP from Average Sex. Signed to Tim Burgess' OGenesis label, they've been making their name across the festival summer with a series of high-energy often tongue-in-cheek performances that have endeared them to many. The follow-up to their debut Ice Cream EP is full of the same slightly bonkers but brilliant lyrics sung with a French accent by Laetitia and short sharp tunes that jump from one place to the next with abandon.

The title track Melodie sets the tone for the rest of the record. Laetitia sings of a friend that "needs a rebound for her rebound," dealing with the crap of relationships by going out and getting drunk "I get her a guinness, she drinks and forgets" before "sleeping in bushes, getting all the guys" and forgetting about the kiss-off line in the chorus that "we all die alone."

Ne M'Oublie Pas takes a similar line, breathlessly declaring "you make me feel like I'm 15, we could draw comics all day" and "I like your face, read me poetry next week" in the verses before dealing with the inevitable break-up in the chorus, where Laetitia turns to her native French, backed by some wonderful harmonies, to plead to her beau to not forget her.

Sociopath clocks in at a mere ninety seconds, but Average Sex only need that long to hit you between the eyes. More harmonies, more crazy lyrics opening with "sitting on the sofa, you stab my back, what does it mean" before a chorus declaring "let me be the one."

The highlight of the EP though is the final track U Suck, where Laetitia takes aim at a deviant ex "Can't keep in your pants, I should tell your parents. Now it must end. Because you shagged my best friend" to a brilliantly euphoric ramshackle tune that refuses to stand still or conform to any rules.

Average Sex are one huge anomaly. One listen to them and you wouldn't necessarily take them seriously, but if you dare to that they're going to grab you by the hair and kick you square in the balls. There's no studied cool, no adherence to rigid song structures, but there's something thrilling and exciting about the way they sing about the trials and tribulations of trying to find love in a world ever increasingly focused on fleeting moments. They flick a V sign at those who think you can't make great music and have fun at the same time.

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