Friday 7 June 2019

TRACK OF THE DAY : Bri - Low Supply

Low Supply is the debut single from Dublin-based Bri, a revelatory journey of escaping from a toxic relationship. It's an intriguing and intoxicating crossover between a number of musical styles with Bri's stunning voice taking centre stage as she comes to terms with the decisions she's made.

Lyrically the song is very direct towards the protagonist declaring that the biggest victim of their own behaviour is themselves - "Why can't you ever see, you hurt yourself whenever you hurt me. And I stand by, until the storm is over, and with no one left to fight, you're faced with a lonely mirror."

Bri told us a little more about the single - "Low Supply explores the unfairness felt when someone is depleting you of energy but it is also about coming to a point of change and learning to let go. I was excited to dip my feet into the electro-folk genre with this song, with the help of the masterful Darragh Nolan of Asta Kalapa studios and my incredibly gifted electric guitarist and friend, Aidan Mulloy."

She headlines Whelan's in Dublin with a full band next Tuesday (June 11) and Shannonbridge Riverfest (15).

Bri is on Facebook.

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