Tuesday 25 June 2019

TRACK OF THE DAY : Duck - R*ck St*r

R*ck St*r is the first product of Sheffield-based trio Duck's recording sessions for their second album due out in the summer. The song takes aim at and calls out men in the industry who proclaim to have a sensitive side as a mask of their true intentions.

They describe it as "The song is a takedown of all the weirdie narcissistic men of rock we've encountered (and beyond) hiding behind the sad boy image in order to abuse others, clinging on to the outdated notion of entitled stardom and basking in their own self-proclaimed god-like genius."

They also add "It’s also fun to dance to. Enjoy!"

The lyrics live up to their billing declaring "I don't care about your spin. Professional victim. There's always someone new to reel in. I'm taking the guitar. It's over for you R*ck St*r. No one's listening anymore!"

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