Friday 17 February 2017

Track Of The Day - Sarah Solovay - Rough Draft

Rough Draft is the lead track off a forthcoming EP from New York based Sarah Solovay since 2012's Superhuman. Having built up a growing reputation with that EP and its predecessor Gone, Sarah took time out to go to college and live life with the intention of returning to music with life experiences to write and sing about and Rough Draft is a pretty stunning comeback.

Rough Draft is an open and honest self-assessment that tells a prospective lover to take her as she is now, flaws and all, to take a chance on the fact she "might be a mistake, but I'm a risk you've got to take." It's the disarming directness of the song, borne out of personal experiences, that allows the listener to relate to something that people quite often feel but are often loath to express.

It's wrapped up in an addictive radio-friendly tune which you'll find it impossible to not tap your feet to, but which allows Sarah's expressive vocals to accentuate further the message of the song.

If she's got five years of material of this quality in her locker, the EP and subsequent releases are going to be something very special to look forward to.

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