Monday 4 April 2016

Dantevilles - Calm Before The Storm EP

Calm Before The Storm is Dantevilles' second EP and the Manchester four-piece have created a record that fuses contrasting styles into something upbeat and full of energy, quintessentially Mancunian, but spreading its wings further than the city boundaries.

The theme running through the EP is how the crystal clear production on all three tracks allows everything to shine through and be heard. Both Colour and Sea Of Change would, in another time when bands hit the big time with one or two singles, be songs to bother the upper echelons of the charts and fill up indie dance floors across the country.

They have an intuitive natural feel to them that allows everything to breathe, the soulful funk stylings skipping merrily away under the anthemic singalong vocals. Take the moment fifty seconds into Sea Of Change where the song stops, turns volte face and lifts you up on a tidal wave of soulful rhythm. It's a big ambitious sound they're going for and they pull it off every time.

What makes Calm Before The Storm such a great collection of songs is that it manages the neat trick of having component parts that you recognise from elsewhere, but they're forged together into something that you've never heard before. It's true to the guitar band roots of those that they grew up loving themselves, but it's coloured by elements from a record collection of true music lovers yet they manage skilfully to make it sound absolutely thoroughly modern. Blossoms have backed them recently and it's easy to see the parallels, but Dantevilles are very much their own men.

Dantevilles are on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud. The EP is available on iTunes.

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