Friday 15 April 2016

EXCLUSIVE REVEAL : Matter Of Mind - Silence

Silence is the first track from Stockport four-piece Matter Of Mind's forthcoming debut EP A State Of Mind and we're delighted to be able to exclusively reveal it here. The whole EP is a massive statement of intent and one of the most impressive debut releases we've ever heard. It's coming out digitally and on limited edition CD very soon.

The band have only played a few live shows in Manchester, including one recently at The Castle where they confirmed the potential that we'd spotted having seen them performing acoustically at Terry Christian's Mad Manc night a few months ago. Terry describes them as "A mesmerising tornado of teen neurosis."

We caught up with them for a chat and to find out a little bit more about them, the EP and how they approach being in a band.

Can you introduce Matter of Mind please?

Matter of Mind are a rock group made up of 4 17/18 year olds from Stockport. We are lead singer and guitarist Jordan Lambert, lead guitarist Ashley Meadowcroft, bassist Robert Bramwell and drummer and backing vocals Connor McQue.

How long have you been together and how did you meet?

We’ve all been mates since high school and a few of us started a band called The Standard when we were about 13. I’ve been in bands since the age of 11, it's a very big passion of mine. We have always been massive music fans of all genres, and we try to incorporate this into our music. We used to practice at breaks and lunch times; whenever we could.

The Standard then evolved into Matter Of Mind over the course of the years. We had to replace our drummer for Connor, who is now our drummer and backing singer, but he's always been one of our closest mates so the transition wasn't very hard. That and he's a great drummer with a fantastic voice .

The lead track from your new A State Of Mind EP is called Silence, Can you tell us a bit about the song and what its about?

The song is a very personal song, but we feel that people can connect with the lyrics quite easily. It’s essentially a break up song, and I was going through bit of a rough patch as I’d actually also broken my neck at the time, so as you can imagine I wasn’t in the best frame of mind at the time I wrote it and generally just a bit pissed off.

We decided to make this our single as we all really enjoy playing the song and we feel that it is one of our most emotionally connected songs. We put a lot of effort into writing it and we want it to be heard.

You recorded the EP with Ben from Lower Than Atlantis - how did this come about?

We’re all big Lower Than Atlantis fans, me and Bramwell have seen them at least 6 times live each. I follow Ben on Instagram, and came across some of his posts about available recording slots. So I emailed him asking about details and all that, showed him our band, and before we knew it we were on the road to Watford to record an EP with Ben From LTA. It was and still is a very big thing for us.

Along with it being a big deal for us personally, it was really beneficial in the sense that it was an opportunity that enabled us to grow and develop as musicians.

What are your plans to release the EP - will it be just digital or will we be able to get hold of physical copies?

We have a few physical copies at the moment, and are planning to get more printed. Our mate Max Fish sorted us out with the artwork which we all love, and it really helped to bring the EP to life, so we’re very grateful for that. He's got a really good eye for that sort of thing and is incredibly creative.

Along with physical copies, its all gonna be on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, anywhere and everywhere we can put it really.

Any plans for gigs to mark the release?

We’re currently in the process of trying to sort an almost EP Celebration type gig out for next month amongst other gigs that we will be playing in Manchester - dates of which are to be confirmed.

You played a cover of Amy Winehouse's Back To Black at your Castle gig. It's an unusual choice for a rock band. Why did you choose that song?

I’m a massive Amy Winehouse fan and wanted to cover one of her songs really. My mum used to (and still does really) have her albums on repeat, so I've got my mum to thank for introducing me to her when I was little. I don't feel there's any point in covering a song unless you make it your own, so I wanted to make it our own, I hope we did her justice. I chose Back To Black as it’s a song that the majority of people are familiar with. As well as that, I just love the song.

There's a lot of fuss about bands from Stockport at the moment with Blossoms - is the sort of success they're having something you're striving towards?

We massively respect them for how well they're doing for themselves and how quickly they've gone about doing it. So in that sense, yeah we’d love to do the same thing. We are all very passionate about this and have all made it clear that THIS is what we want to do.

If you had to describe Matter Of Mind to someone who'd never heard of you, where would you start?

We’re a loud band and believe in what we do, and if someone likes what we’re doing then we class that as success. In terms of style and genre, listen to us and decide for yourself.

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