Friday 1 October 2021

TRACK OF THE DAY : Geneva - Memory Wars

Geneva continue their unexpected comeback with a second single Memory Wars to follow up last year's Fault Lines.

Memory Wars is more experimental than you would expect from a band that had its first wave during the Britpop period - yet Geneva never really fitted into that scene other than a coincidence of timing. Andrew Montgomery's voice soars and then dives under the skin of a claustrophobic electronic track that refuses to return to the same place. 

Having reformed in 2019 for a couple of shows and then a mini-tour in 2020 just before lockdown struck, they released Fault Lines last October. With new material previewed at the 2020 shows and this track written in lockdown, it appears that there will be more to come...

Geneva are on Facebook and Twitter.

The single is available to download on their Bandcamp.

Andrew Montgomery is on Twitter and Facebook. His other band Us are on Facebook.


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