Wednesday 1 March 2017

Cosmo Calling - Interview

We exclusively tipped Cosmo Calling's debut single On The Wire on Shell Zenner's Amazing Radio show last week.  Ahead of the single's release and their launch gig at Manchester's Night And Day on Friday we caught up with one of their vocalists Phoebe Taylor for a chat about the band, their recent change of name and their plans for the future.

Hi Phoebe, thanks for agreeing to talk to us. First of all, could you introduce the band.

Hello! We are Cosmo Calling, an Indie-Rock band from Manchester. We have myself, Phoebe Taylor, and Harry Preen on vocals, Darragh Burke on guitar, Gabriel Alexander on the kit and Tom Chapman on bass.

We first saw you last summer under the name Crossfire. What was the reason behind the name change?

It sparked from Harry's dad actually.. I think his exact words were 'do you actually like it?' From there it was a no brainer that we should rebrand and it all sort of snowballed into effect. The name didn't reflect the music we were making in anyway, and since we re-branded it's done us a world of good. The inspiration behind Cosmo Calling? Who knows, that's for you guys to decide...

Your new single is called On The Wire. Could you tell us a little about what the song is about please?

On the Wire is a track taking a third person perspective at that one guy we all know that just can't stop. Whether it's messing someone around, or going to hard on a night out, they have that self-destructive nature about themselves. We thought it would be fitting to write about with us being a student band. It's also got that schizophrenic rhythm in the verse which gives it a pretty dancy vibe.

Do you write your songs together as a band or do you have a lead songwriter or songwriters?

Generally as a band we are pretty collaborative with ideas. Often it will stem from an idea that one person has, usually a guitar riff or vocal melody, that then gets rigorously morphed when we come together in rehearsal.

You're unusual in the fact that you have two lead singers. How do you choose which one of you sings which parts of a song?

We try and switch it up as much as possible, without swapping verses for the sake of it. Normally if one of us has written that particular part, or if it suits them more then we just go with it. It only becomes a problem when we both really like the part.... then we fight to the death.

You've got a single launch at the Night And Day on Friday. What can we expect from your live set?

All originals, a couple of party cannons and hell of a lot of fun. Expect some great music from our two support bands Gathering of Strangers & Tourist Attractions aswell!

What do you have planned for the rest of the year?

We have another couple of tunes in the pipeline that we are super excited about so we are set to go back into the studio after we've played shows in support of the single. But mainly it's getting known outside of the North-West, playing as many festivals as possible and growing as a band.

Cosmo Calling are on Facebook and Twitter.   They play Manchester Night And Day Cafe on Friday night (March 3).

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