Friday 30 October 2015

Track Of The Day : Straw Bear - All You Need Is An Electric Guitar

All You Need Is An Electric Guitar is the first single to be drawn from Straw Bear's forthcoming second album Fiction. The track is released on December 4th, but we're pleased to say we've been given a sneak preview and it's an impressive, if understated, return from a couple of years in the wilderness since their debut album Black Book in 2013.

Rather than overwhelm you, the song worms its way into your conscience with an, as you'd expect from the title, insistent chiming guitar line that's layered by delicious vocal harmonies, all romantic and yearning, that set your head spinning with their fuzzy warmth.

The song's title tells us all we need to know what it's about, how music can lift you out of the darkest of moments, but Ian from the band expanded on this to us "“For anyone who cares about music, there will be a time when a song or a favourite album has got them out of a hole, so the song's really all about how music can come to your rescue; it has an incredible capacity to soothe and elevate you from the everyday grind.”

All You Need Is An Electric Guitar is released on December 4.  Fiction will follow in 2016.

Straw Bear's official website can be found here. They are also on Facebook and Twitter.

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