Saturday 12 October 2019

TRACK OF THE DAY : Celestial North - You Painted A World

You Painted A World is the sixth single from the mysterious Celestial North. It's her most accessible track yet, building slowly, using repetition cleverly to emphasise the message to "hold yourself back, hold yourself close" like the most comforting arm around the shoulder as the song's subject ponders the next steps.

On her website, Celestial North describes her music as "a stunning detour into a land of impossibility, terror and beauty; brewing with tension and drama" and it's a perfect description for this song. The production is very light touch which allows the voice to act as another instrument, the emotion in it accentuating the warmth of the words as the song slowly gathers pace underneath it - yet it has an earworm quality that has you singing along involuntarily on the second or third listen.

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