Wednesday 16 October 2019

TRACK OF THE DAY : talker - Keep Me Safe

Keep Me Safe is the first track to be released from talker's second EP, the follow-up to her debut Horror Films and her first release since signing to Common Ground Records earlier this year.

Celeste (talker is a play on words of her surname Tauchar) told us about the song and video - "Keep Me Safe is the first piece of the next era of talker. Focused on the anxiety and impending worry we all feel when we’re about to go through a change or lose someone, the song came out of my own fear of the inevitable. I knew I was about to lose someone from my life and couldn’t focus on anything else, which also had a negative effect on the time we were spending together. For the video, I wanted to create the visual manifestation of those emotions. However, there is redemption in owning up to your feelings, and throughout the course of the next few singles, the story will continue as we see the result of trusting how you feel."

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